The Dual 25/10 Residual Compensation Plan!

The Engine that runs the Wealthscription Business Opportunity!

Our Power 3 Business Model!

''We are not like other direct sales companies. Not only do we want to help you grow through our Personal and Business Development Site, we also want you to prosper Financially!''

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    Subscribe to Wealthscription and you are automatically enrolled as an Affiliate (Subscription Business Model)

    As a subscriber to Wealthscription you are automatically an Affiliate of Wealthscription which mean you can start earning a residual income immediately! You will have all the tools you need to start to earn extra income including your personalized sales page just as the one you are currently reading.

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    Advertise and tell others about Wealthscription

    Market your new business! Get others to subscribe to Wealthscription. Your target market includes anyone who has a business, employees of any business, anyone in any leadership position, or those whom want to just make some extra income. Your target market is unlimited!

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    Get Paid on 2 Levels (Network Marketing & Residual Business Model)

    Each time someone subscribes to Wealthscription from your replicated site they will be placed on your 1st level and you will earn a residual payment of $25.
    You will continually earn $25 from your personally enrolled subscriber each month as long as they remain subscribed to Wealthscripion! That's right, every month that they make their subscription payment, you will get the commissions!

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    Earn Money while you are Sleeping!

    Then additionally, when someone subscribes to Wealthscription from their personalized replicated sales page you will then earn an additional $10 residually each month as long as they stay subscribed to Wealthscription!

Becoming apart of Wealthscription makes you an owner of your own business! It's just like being the owner of your own Netflix, Directv or Verizon! Now you can make a nice residual income by getting others to sign up to your subscription business! 

Wealthscription makes you a Business Owner! Build a residual monthly income simply by helping people change their lives through our Personal and Business Development Site. As a monthly subscriber you will automatically become a Wealthscription Affiliate.

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